Anglais des affaires

business english

ABG Formation & Consulting offers English courses (day courses and evening courses) for the following levels and profiles.

The levels will be allocated after the candidates have taken a placement testThe placement test will determine the level required for taking business English, English for the workplace and companies as well as TOEIC preparation. This population of learners are required to get after the placement test – at least the pre-intermediate, the intermediate and the advanced levels.
Those with lower scores can only take General English.

  • Our center uses different teaching techniques because learners have different learning styles.
  • We provide the learners with real-life communication skills.
  • We use authentic materials.
  • We make learners play and active role/part in their learning process.
  • As for as English for the workplace is concerned, we try to secure your ideal job or promotion, or productive at work-and more efficient.
  • We try to realize your full professional potential with our wide range of courses, which are specially designed to focus as situations related to your everyday working life.
  • We strive to improve your English for business situations through activities and practice.
  • We help you and you company be fully prepared to do business in the world’s business language.
  • We provide you with adequate language skills that will help you compete more effectively in today’s fast –paced global economy.
  • We cater for tailored courses by providing you with highly customized and practical and motivational training programmers that meet your company’s needs.

1.General English

  • Beginners
  • Elementary
  • Pre-intermediate
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

2.Business English:

  • English for Banking and money
  • English for Finance
  • English for tourism
  • English for Insurance
  • English for accounting
  • English for Business and management
  • English for corporate governance, etc…

3.English for the workplace and companies

4.TOEIC preparation